Fun Straps Combo from Danny Eaux

Prior to training in circus arts, Danny played competitive soccer throughout childhood and adolescence until a career-ending ankle injury changed things. Years after the fact, Danny found Parkour to be an excellent way of being reintroduced to functional skills, mobility and movement, body awareness, physiology of movement, and a great exercise in conquering fears! After gaining much-needed confidence (and strength) by training in Parkour, Danny was able and ready to take on the challenge of performing as an aerialist. Danny began the journey to be a circus artist in October 2014 on a dare to prepare and perform a routine for the upcoming Miraas Circus Arts (Denver, CO) student showcase that was just 30 days away. Challenge accepted. With that, Danny began training every day and pulled it off!

Since then, Danny’s focus has shifted solely to becoming a better straps and rope artist while exploring handstands and hand balancing. Danny has been coached primarily from artist Lisa Natoli on rope and internationally-known acrobat and artist Carlos França on the straps. Danny has also had the privilege of working with Daniel Sullivan, Jerome Schwab, Jeffrey Little, Uys Du Buisson, the Rope Master - Emiliano Ron, and David Isaac Grey.

Currently, Danny is located in Houston, TX with plans to relocate to Kansas City, MO.

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