Here are 6 pole, aerial, and cirque blogs to follow.

So you're getting into pole or aerial, and you want more, huh? Well, we've put together a list of blogs from around the web to help satisfy your new obsession. From the circus to aerial arts to pole, these blogs should have you covered. 

  • LucyLovesCircus
    Lucy, who is London based, gives incredible reviews and documents the cirque scene in her neck of the woods. 
  • Aerial Dancing 
    The aerial dancing blog has many resources for aerialists. Some of the best posts are tips and tricks for performances and training. 
  • Aerial Boutique
    Aerial Boutique is a pole and aerial apparel company; their blog has a ton of articles about the industry as well as anecdotes and tips.
  • Bad Kitty
    Bad kitty sells pole wear and has a ton of information about pole on their blog. Read more about pole stories, health and wellness, and lifestyle. 
  • Pole with Peach
    Peach is based in the UK and is addicted to anything pole. She brings a sexy and exotic perspective.
  • Pole Geek
    Jillian, based in Los Angeles, takes readers along with her on her pole journey. Pole is perfect for any body type, and Jillian explores the ups and downs of training with a focus on a healthier and more creative lifestyle. 

What aerial, pole, and cirque blogs do you like to follow? Tell us in the comments below!

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